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Strategic Plan

The College of Nursing’s vision and goals embody the Aggie Core Values of Excellence, Integrity, Leadership, Loyalty, Respect and Selfless Service. Standing on these values, we strive for a culture of respect and integrity through shared governance and transparency, and appreciation for diversity and interprofessional collaboration.

The College of Nursing Strategic Plan: 2015-2020 concluded at the end of academic year 2020, and was evaluated and revised annually. View a final report for the five-year plan that summarizes those evaluations and revisions. We are now in the development phase of the next strategic plan, coordinating efforts in that process with Texas A&M University and Texas A&M Health. 

Educate professional and advanced practice nurses who exemplify excellence in clinical practice, scholarship, service, leadership and personal growth.


  1. Recruit, retain and graduate a highly-qualified and diverse student body.
  2. Lead the use of innovative, evidence-based technologies and pedagogies in nursing education.
  3. Establish quality standards for the delivery of online courses and programs.
  4. Develop and expand the use of simulation.
  5. Engage in high-impact interprofessional education.
  6. Enhance partnerships with clinical institutions dedicated to excellence in practice, education and research.
  7. Develop transition to practice partnerships.
  8. Develop and launch a doctorate in nursing program.

Advance knowledge, practice and pedagogy through the transformation of the College of Nursing into a national leader in innovative research and scholarship.


  1. Develop research centers with specific research foci.
  2. Target recruitment of senior researchers.
  3. Support collaboration with interprofessional research partners and teams.
  4. Enhance capacity to secure extramural funding.
  5. Foster undergraduate and graduate student engagement in research and scholarship

Endorse and uphold the principles of cultural humility and sensitivity, and commit to working in partnership with the communities we serve to co-create mutually beneficial relationships and improve health outcomes.


  1. Incorporate community-based learning opportunities.
  2. Develop collaborative outreach initiatives in rural nurse practitioner clinics, telemedicine and other rural initiatives for faculty practice and student clinical experiences.
  3. Develop educational programs and prevention strategies for the growing threat of violence across the lifespan.

Foster a supportive environment, building upon our strengths and promoting a culture of excellence that is the driving force in the achievement of our strategic goals.


  1. Attract and retain an increasingly diverse leadership team, faculty and staff body.
  2. Facilitate interprofessional teamwork and foster a culture of respect, integrity and commitment to the achievement of the College of Nursing and Texas A&M University values and goals.
  3. Develop a robust mentoring program to empower individuals to develop and maximize their abilities and expertise in support of the CON needs.

Achieve recognition as the nursing school of choice in Texas and nationally for students, faculty and employers.


  1. Promote the College of Nursing's distinctive identity and contribution broadly through marketing, dissemination of research and service on regional and national committees and boards.
  2. Develop and implement a plan to improve communication and awareness to alumni and partners.
  3. Plan strategic, mission-driven growth of programs that meet the needs of our communities.
  4. Achieve statewide and national recognition and ranking.