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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan: Leading Our Future 2021 - 2026

The School of Nursing’s vision, mission and goals embody the Aggie Core Values of Excellence, Integrity, Leadership, Loyalty, Respect and Selfless Service. Standing on these values, we strive for a culture of respect and integrity through shared governance and transparency, and appreciation for diversity and interprofessional collaboration. 

In 2021, the School of Nursing advanced a new and bold strategic plan entitled, Leading our Future. As we reflected on our significant and numerous successes over the past 14 years since the inception of the college, we realized that these successes were going to breed our future success and that we should dream big and act boldly to advance the college even further, thus our title, Leading the Future 2021-2026.

Our dreams and bold initiatives are spelled out in six pillars of success, including Educational Excellence, Student Centered Excellence, Research and Scholarly Excellence, Community Engagement through Clinical Practice and Outreach, Resource Stewardship and finally, through a focus on Well-being, Climate and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. These six pillars of success are the foundation for a bright future of educating Aggie nurses to be leaders in the health care field and the discipline of nursing.

This plan spells out where we want to be in five years while remaining grounded in our mission, vision and core values. With a firm foundation of past success, we boldly step forward to lead new initiatives that impact our students and the people they serve in their many and varied roles in health and health care.

Our 2021-2026 strategic plan is our vision of a future that excites us and aligns with the university’s vision and the A&M Health Strategic Plan to become extraordinary in all that we do. Our pillars of excellence are the focus of our next five years of growth and development as a leading School of Nursing.

STRATEGIC GOAL: Enhance academic and professional education with innovative, competency-based and student-centered pedagogies to prepare creative, competent and ethically responsible nurse leaders equipped to advance human health and health care.


  1. Redesign program curricula to reflect competency-based standards and workforce expectations.
  2. Optimize interprofessional education and collaborative practice (IPE-CP) that builds students competency in team-based care that facilitates accessible, value-based, patient-centered care.
  3. Expand the degree program, specialty tracks, certificates and continuing education offerings to grow in pre-eminence and enrollment aligned with peer institutions.
  4. Advance teaching excellence.

STRATEGIC GOAL: Cultivate a student-centered culture where people from all backgrounds thrive.


  1. Strengthen programming and services to optimize academic and professional success of students.
  2. Implement an academic success program that identifies at-risk students early and provides support for academic progression.

STRATEGIC GOAL: Lead transformative research, implementation science and scholarship that addresses the health challenges of vulnerable, rural and underserved populations.


  1. Build and support multi-disciplinary collaborative partnerships and teams.
  2. Enhance funded or sponsored programmatic, research and scholarship infrastructure.
  3. Strengthen external funding portfolio that is aligned with the college’s research priorities.
  4. Recruit, develop and retain outstanding research faculty from diverse backgrounds, in accordance with the School of Nursing Diversity Plan, that align with college research priorities.
  5. Create a pipeline of scholars prepared to engage in and lead doctoral-level research.
  6. Support the advancement and dissemination of high-quality, high-impact, interdisciplinary programs of scientific inquiry and health care delivery.

STRATEGIC GOAL: Foster and invest in innovative clinical and health promotion models through strategic partnerships that improve health and health care access, value and quality.


  1. Development of Clinical Enterprise and Nursing Faculty Practice.
  2. Community partnerships and collaboration.

STRATEGIC GOAL: Diversify and sustain revenue streams and the infrastructure to support growth of current and new educational programs, development of the clinical enterprise, and optimize resource utilization and operational efficiencies.


  1. Optimizing resource utilization and operational efficiencies.
  2. Increase philanthropic support of the School of Nursing.
  3. Develop and implement standardized and transparent policies and processes.Plan strategic, mission-driven growth of programs that meet the needs of our communities.

STRATEGIC GOAL: Empower faculty, staff and students to reach their full personal and professional potential by promoting and cultivating a climate of well-being and inclusivity through assessment, training and increased visibility of available resources.


  1. Create a diverse, equitable and inclusive (DEI) culture of safety and well-being.
  2. Increase meaningful engagement with faculty, staff, former and current students, as well as external stakeholders.