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The important and timely decisions that must be made to successfully care for patients is fundamental to the practice of nursing. Through collaboration across disciplines, our researchers bring new perspectives and previously overlooked experiences to lead positive change in addressing the challenges of providing patient-centered care.

Improving Patient Outcomes

At the Texas A&M School of Nursing, research is a primary foundation of our land-grant mission. We are leaders in innovation, committed to enhancing the education and preparation of nurses to improve the quality of patient care provided across our vast state.

Developing Evidence-Based Resources

We strive to grow interprofessional and multi-disciplinary collaborations to enhance the lives of people across the state, nation and world. By integrating our research into teaching practice, nursing provides evidence-based resources for health professionals.

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Health Promotion and Risk Reduction

Researching how we promote wellness and support outreach efforts in preventive care to communities is essential to creating community-led, patient-driven initiatives that positively impact our nation and world.

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Disease Management and Prevention

Through evidence-based practice, we are reshaping how survivors of intentional violence, patients in rural and underserved areas, and other vulnerable populations access trauma-informed, patient-centered care.

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Vulnerable Populations

Translating research into practice takes shape in our innovative partnerships with health care providers to offer programs supporting cancer screenings, diabetes education and other chronic diseases for patients of all demographics.

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Health Professional Education

Leading fellow researchers, faculty and future graduates in state-of-the-art, interdisciplinary education addressing health care needs of patients has led our school to support state- and nation-wide continuing education programs.




Linnae Hutchison

Linnae Hutchison, MBA, CRA, MT

Director of Research
Campus/location: Bryan-College Station
Blanca Lupiani

Blanca Lupiani, PhD

Interim Associate Dean for Research
Campus/location: Bryan-College Station