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Faculty Research Interests

Name Teaching Areas Research Interests
Bhattarai, Muna
Assistant Professor
Mental Health, Positive Psychology and Well-being, Evidence-based Practice, Health Promotion 

Mental Health and Well-being of People with Disabilities, Psychosocial Adaptation following Disability, Mindfulness, Resilience, and Adaptive Coping, Strength-based Interventions

Bloom, Rosaleen
Assistant Professor
Foundations of Nursing Practice, Nursing Research and Evidence Based Practice, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology

Individuals with Cancer; Caregivers of Individuals with Cancer; Cancer Survivorship; Stress and Coping; Social Support; Social Media; Improving Health Care Access; Social Determinants of Health and Health Equity

Bolin, Jane
Health Law and Ethics, Regulatory Compliance, Management of Human Resources Health Law and Ethics, Rural Health Research, Rural Healthy People 2020, Cancer Screening & Prevention, Diabetes Self-Management, Chronic Disease Management, Interdisciplinary & Translational Research, Regulatory Compliance
Charles, Laurie
Clinical Assistant Professor
Sexual Assault, Child/Elder Abuse, Domestic Violence, Evidence Collection, Human Trafficking Violence Against Others, Vicarious Trauma to Caregivers of Victims of Violent Crimes, Succession Planning and Nursing Leader Teams
Dormire, Sharon
Maternal-Newborn Nursing, Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice, Nurses as Scholars, Legal and Ethical Perspectives of Nursing, Research Practicum, Health Promotion Women's Health, Menopause Symptom Management, Biobehavioral Research; the Relationship between Vasomotor Symptoms, Brain Bioenergetics, and Memory; Stress and Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes
Downing, Nancy
Associate Professor
Victimology, Mental Health, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE), Forensic Health Care, Pathology, Evidence-Based Practice Neurobiology of Trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Following Sexual Assault, Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), Sexual Violence, Health Care Provider Burnout and Resiliency
Fahrenwald, Nancy
Population Health, Public Health Nursing, Evidence-Based Practice Public Health Nursing Research, Health Disparities, Rural Health, Tobacco Control, American Indian Health, Culturally Targeted Social and Behavioral Health Interventions
Gary, Jodie
Associate Professor
Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice, Scholarship and Honors Seminar and Research Delivery of Patient-Centered Care, Application of Positive Deviance, Interprofessional Education, Substance Use Disorders, Community-Based Participatory Research

Huang, Ya-Ching Amanda
Assistant Professor

Nursing Research, Professional Issues, Evidence-Based Practice Health Disparities, Type 2 Diabetes Self-Management, Minority Health, Illness Perception, Health Behavior, Game Simulation in Diabetes Care
Mauldin, Betsy
Clinical Assistant Professor
Evidence-Based Practice, Adult Health, Community and Public Health Nursing, Pharmacology, Professional Issues, Transition to Practice, Patient Quality and Case Studies, IPE Nursing Pedagogy, Meaningful Learning, Simulation, Community Health, Medical Surgical Nursing, Health Disparities, Chronic Disease Management
McKee, Susan
Clinical Assistant Professor
Nursing Care of Women, Families, and Newborns; Care of Mental Health Clients; Professional Practice Issues for the RN; Leadership and Management of the RN Nursing Student Experience, Nursing Student Stress and Anxiety, Mindfulness, Faculty Teaching Methodologies, Prenatal and Post-Partum Depression
Mitchell, Stacey
Clinical Professor
Forensic Healthcare Issues, Leadership, Safety Forensic Nursing, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE)
Montalvo-Liendo, Nora
Associate Professor
Leadership and Health Policy, Community Health, Population Health Partner Violence, Abuse of Women, Sexual Violence, Teen Violence, Childhood Abuse, Interventions to Stop Abuse, Minority Populations, Biobehavioral Research
Mulcahy, Angela
Clinical Associate Professor
Adult Health, Acute Care, Simulation, End of Life, Prelicensure and Clinical Experience Simulation, Experiential Learning, Futile Care, End of Life, Acute Care, Medical Surgical Nursing
O'Briant, Deborah
Clinical Assistant Professor
Advanced Practice Roles and Professional Development, Care of Families within the FNP role, Diagnostics and Procedures for Advanced Practice Nurses, Care of pediatric patients Cancer screening for women in underserved and rural populations, sepsis care and curriculum development, inclusive teaching practices, live music therapy in a hospital setting 
Page, Robin
Associate Professor
Obstetrics, Women's Health, and Population Health Hispanic Immigrant Women, Hispanic Paradox, Preterm Birth, Pregnancy Outcomes, Stress Telomeres, Religiosity/Spirituality, Depression, Protective Factors, Health Disparities
Pittman, Alison
Clinical Assistant Professor
Pediatric Acute and Critical Care, Pediatric Wellness and Prevention Care Childhood Obesity, Childhood Physical Activity, LGBTQ Health in Youth and Young Adults, Interprofessional and Interdisciplinary Education, Effect of Physical Activity on Mental Health, Diversity in Nursing Education
Sorenson, Matthew
Professor and Assistant Dean for Graduate Nursing Education
Research Method, Program Evaluation, Physical Assessment, Aging, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology Immunologic Correlates to Fatigue and Pathogenesis in Neurological Disease, Psychological Stress, Coping Behavior, Immunosenescence 
Vargas, Sylvia
Clinical Assistant Professor
Community Health for the RN, Adult Health Nursing I and II; Nursing Care of Women, Families and Newborns; Evidence- Based Practice for Nurses; Advanced Health Assessment for FNP; Primary Care of Families I, II and III; Procedures and Diagnostics; Theoretical Foundations of Healthcare

Improving Access to Care in Rural Underserved Areas; Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Nursing