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Criminal Background Check

Criminal background checks are required of all applicants. Prior criminal convictions may cause one to be ineligible for licensure as a registered nurse. Applicants will be responsible for obtaining a background check and paying appropriate fees to be fingerprinted for the Texas Board of Nursing. The board will provide applicants with notification of their eligibility (or not) for future RN licensure following their successful completion of a nursing degree. Results are typically returned within six weeks of fingerprinting if there is no record of criminal history.

In order to apply for licensure as an RN, students must declare any eligibility issues with the Texas Board of Nursing. The board will notify applicants who may not meet conditions for future RN licensure after results of the fingerprinting are received. Individuals who have significant criminal history will likely be ineligible for licensure. If there is any history of criminal charges, alcohol or drug abuse or mental health concerns, students must file a declaratory order petition to the Board of Nursing. The time required to review a petition can be lengthy so students are encouraged to begin the process early in the application process.

An offer of admission from the School of Nursing will not be final until the completion of the background check with results that are deemed favorable. Admission may be denied or rescinded based on the review.