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Nurse-Family Partnership®

Nurse-Family Partnership® at Texas A&M University College of Nursing supports first-time mothers by offering specially trained nurses to regularly visit vulnerable moms-to-be, starting early in the pregnancy and continuing through the child’s second birthday.

Nurse-Family Partnership® at Texas A&M University College of Nursing

Better worlds start with great families.

Empowering vulnerable first-time moms to transform their lives and create better futures for themselves and their babies is at the heart of Nurse-Family Partnership®, a nationwide community health program. Research consistently proves that Nurse-Family Partnership® succeeds at its most important goals: keeping children healthy and safe, and improving the lives of mothers and their babies.

Specially trained registered nurses support first-time mothers through regularly scheduled home visits with moms-to-be, starting early in the pregnancy and continuing through the child’s second birthday. With an emphasis on low-income, first-time moms, women voluntarily enroll as early as possible but must elect to do so in advance of their 28th week of pregnancy in order to participate. 

Our nurses help guide first-time mothers residing in Brazos County through the emotional, social and physical challenges they face as they prepare for a healthy birth. Prenatal support is the starting point, but the nurse continues to provide support post-delivery, helping the new mother and child by enhancing knowledge gains and teaching skills that foster positive growth.

Corporate, community and individual support help ensure programs like NFP at Texas A&M University remain sustainable. Contact us for ways you can support first-time moms in Brazos County.

Nurse Home Visits: What to Expect

Additional Resources

In addition to nurse home visits, first-time mothers that enroll in Nurse-Family Partnership® at Texas A&M University College of Nursing have access to specialized counseling services that include emotional and cognitive development and support.

Referral Process: How to Enroll

First-time mothers that are within their first 28 weeks of pregnancy and are considered low-income may be referred by their obstetrician, may self-enroll or may be directed by an advocate as a recipient of state-funded health benefits including CHIP or Medicaid. 

Each of our registered nurses are able to serve 25 to 30 first-time mothers and their child within Brazos County which includes Bryan, College Station, Millican, Kurten and Wixon Valley. 

Ready to connect with a nurse dedicated to supporting you as a first-time mom? Please submit your information using this online form to take the first step in building a healthy future for you and your baby.

Community Advocates

Brazos Valley Health Coalition
The Brazos Valley Health Coalition is made up of community service providers and health care professionals, and serves to educate the community on issues related to health and well-being. 

Catholic Charities of Central Texas
Catholic Charities of Central Texas is a faith-based social services organization serving individuals and families across 25 Central Texas counties. They provide a holistic set of programs and services to engage, educate and empower Central Texans out of poverty now and into the future. Catholic Charities of Central Texas is a member of one of the largest social service networks in the United States, Catholic Charities USA, and have worked to meet the needs of the most vulnerable members of our community since 1999.

College Station ISD Early Education Services
College Station ISD Early Education Services believes that the education of all students should be a partnership between the school and the parent community. Both the district and the parent community play an essential role in the success of each student. CSISD Early Education Services provides support to encourage the school/family partnership to address the needs of early learners.

Voices for Children—Court Appointed Special Advocates
Voices for Children - Court Appointed Special Advocates is an organization of volunteer advocates who stand up on behalf of children who have experienced abuse or neglect because they want them to have a brighter, more hopeful future than their past. Voices for Children serves Brazos, Burleson, Grimes, Freestone, Leon, Limestone, and Madison Counties. Ultimately, CASAs are a constant for children whose lives can be so turbulent. 

Health Care Provider Advocates

HealthPoint Bryan/College Station
HealthPoint seeks to provide evidenced-based health care utilizing a patient-empowered team approach to achieve individual wellness for all members of the Greater Brazos Valley community. They do this through a comprehensive approach to each patient's medical needs, including medical and dental services.

Texas A&M Counseling and Assessment Clinic
The Texas A&M Counseling and Assessment Clinic (CAC) provides psychological services to individuals and families within the Brazos Valley community. CAC is a training, teaching, and researcher clinic supported by the Department of Educational Psychology at Texas A&M University. All services are provided by graduate student counselors supervised by Licensed Psychologists. Their mission is to offer affordable and high quality treatment and assessment services to individuals within the Brazos Valley community by using evidence-based approaches and tailoring them to the specific needs and uniqueness of each client treated at the CAC. 

Texas A&M Health Family Care
Texas A&M Health Family Care brings the expertise of Texas A&M College of Medicine primary care to the heart of your family’s health needs. From colds and fractures to preventive primary care that keeps you healthy and living your best possible life, Texas A&M Health Family Care puts your care first.

The Prenatal Clinic
The Prenatal Clinic's mission is to provide community-centered prenatal care and health education to medically indigent pregnant women in the Brazos Valley. Comprehensive, accessible and affordable prenatal care and health education are the best ways to improve pregnancy outcomes. They are also the foundation of a healthy pregnancy, a safe birth, a nurturing family and a viable community. The goal is to reduce illness and death associated with the prenatal (pregnancy) and perinatal (around the time of birth) periods. Specifically, the clinic aims to reduce the number of low birth-weight infants and the rate of newborn mortality.