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Research Programs

Program of Innovative Nursing Quality and Research Excellence (P-INQRE)

Program of Innovative Nursing Quality and Research Excellence (P-INQRE) at Texas A&M University College of Nursing will serve to:

  1. Connect researchers and clinicians, both within and outside of the Texas A&M College of Nursing, across disciplines and programs towards efforts related to developing transdisciplinary research and clinical outreach proposals;
  2. Provide a forum for faculty members and students with interests in innovations to improve health care quality, equity and access; and
  3. Introduce College of Nursing faculty members and students to a variety of other researchers and potential collaborators across the Texas A&M University System, the state of Texas, the nation and the world.

The vision of the program is to develop and cultivate an active and engaged group of faculty and students who will participate in cutting‐edge health care quality, access research and teaching that reduces the burden of health inequities through community-based prevention and care initiatives.

The mission of P-INQRE is to support and advance:

  1. Innovative research on improving access to quality health care and health care outcomes that address health inequities;
  2. The dissemination of findings and resulting knowledge; and
  3. Translate research into health care practice in settings to increase access to health care, improve the quality of health care services delivered, reduce costs, and improve outcomes.
Our mission will be accomplished through excellent academic and scientific research that supports innovative teaching. As such, P-INQRE will coordinate with the College of Nursing Office of Research, particularly in relationd to seeking funding and in identifying opportunities for research translation, engagement and educational opportunities.

The goals of P-INQRE are:
  1. To support faculty and students in conducting high quality, rigorous research to generate new knowledge that improves health care quality, access to health resources and health outcomes, particularly for underserved populations.
  2. To provide a forum through which investigators and partners can exchange ideas and assistance in an environment of collegiality and shared vision affiliated with the College of Nursing, the Health Science Center, Texas A&M University, the Texas A&M University System, and across the state, nation, and around the world.
  3. To engage in research‐based instruction that will help students understand, analyze and address a myriad of health care quality challenges and related patient care and population health care issues.
The objectives of P-INQRE are:
  1. To recruit at least two new tenure-track or recently tenured College of Nursing faculty members to conduct impactful research within this Program area.
  2. To recruit at least two doctoral students and three faculty members from colleges across Texas A&M University per year for the next three years to function as Affiliate members.
  3. To recruit at least two faculty members from other universities to function as Adjunct members by January 1, 2021.
  4. To have 50% of affiliated members participate in at least one Program‐sponsored funding proposal by December 31, 2021.
  5. To have affiliated or adjunct members submit at least four co‐authored manuscripts by December 31, 2022.